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Model number: metal-06

This ceiling system is hanging by a special J shaped keel and with zeetion for J keel and upper light steel keel to sustain the whole system. The hooking ceiling system is exquisite and stable. It is a complete system design. We could not only customize the products for clients with different size and color to assemble, but also quick installation and disassembly to maintain.

This system can be applied to any building space, such as office buildings, airports, stations, hospitals, schools and other types of buildings; the square ceiling system is equipped with special additional components, which can be installed with lighting and air conditioning ventilation equipment; The ceiling panel with air-holes could also be built-in sound-absorbing cloth or sound-insulated cotton to create a beautiful and functional office environment.

Product No. Material Thickness Specification
S 39M Hook-on Steel/Aluminium Depends on size Length≧3000,Width≧1100
S 39M Hook-on
S 39M Hook-on
S 39M Hook-on