Buima group Inc. seized the business opportunities of energy storage, Revenue in November sets new record


Buima Inc. (5543) announced on the 6th that November revenue reached 350 million yuan, a monthly increase of 5.9% and an annual increase of 249.3%. After being officially merged into the battery module factory JMS, its performance has gradually increased and has been rewritten in March. A new high, the legal person estimates that there will be a chance to hit another peak in December.

In terms of revenue share, among the four major business groups of Buima Inc. , “energy storage and lithium battery applications” reached 30%, followed by “energy-saving building materials” with 29%, energy-generating infrastructure 26%, and “smart wearables”. "It accounted for 15%, and maintained its growth momentum, driving revenue to continue to create new revenues.

On the basis of profitable growth, Buima Inc. has recently actively carried out transformation and layout, stepping into the field of battery modules, and further expanding its product portfolio to sports smart wearables, industrial, medical and automotive ICT devices, etc., and the development of light vehicles and Medium and large energy storage systems (ESS), etc., enter the energy storage application supply chain.

Buima Inc. pointed out that the company's energy storage and lithium battery application business group has a high degree of stability and reliability, and can provide highly customized services. The energy storage system (ESS) application includes uninterruptible power system (UPS), data backup battery module (BBU), and multiple applications in data centers.

In addition, Buima Inc. combined with the professional foundation of building materials, invested in the development of a new type of green power storage (Powerwalllike) power system construction, and built a micro-grid system dispatch. The "green power storage wall" application is expected to launch a micro-grid electric car parking lot next year. Create smart buildings with renewable energy supply chains, and cooperate with the German OWA Group to deploy global sales channels in advance to open up overseas markets.

In the "smart wearable" section, Buima Inc. has customers covering leading smart wearable sports and electric assisted bicycle manufacturers, electric scooters, and industrial energy storage system providers. With the introduction of bicycle subsidies by European and American governments, the number of bicycles in the market has increased, and smart locks and various non-primary battery applications will gradually become popular, and the growth trend can be expected.

Buima Inc. has been merged into JMS’s revenue since September, and the revenue in the first November has reached 2.345 billion yuan, an increase of 1.71 times over the same period last year. The legal person estimates that due to the strong demand from battery module customers, the building materials sector is also expected to have US large-scale orders are finalized, and December revenue will maintain high-end levels, which does not rule out setting new highs.