Taiwan Stock News- Buima group Inc. sets new revenue record 350 million in Nov., will actively expand in Taiwan and internationally


Buima group Inc. (5543-TW) announced November revenue of 350 million yuan, a new high, with a monthly increase of 5.94% and an annual increase of 2.49 times. The previous November revenue was 2.345 billion yuan, an annual increase of 1.71 times. Huan Ding-KY In the second half of this year, not only did the battery cells and control IC not suffer from the lack of materials, but the client continued to add orders. There are plans to expand production in Taiwan next year.

Buima group Inc. is optimistic about the growth of wearables, energy storage and lithium battery applications. The growth of new business next year is expected to account for more than 50% of revenue.
Buima group Inc. actively integrates the Chinese production side of the original building materials business and expands the overseas market. The construction business currently has a contract of 2 billion yuan in hand.
Buima group Inc. is also optimistic about the trend of the energy industry. It has established an energy technology team in the second quarter and invested a 25% stake in Zuomao. Combining the battery R&D and production energy of both parties, together with Huan Ding’s smart building resources, it has invested in energy storage systems. Design, integrate innovations in building materials wall panels, actively develop energy storage-related products and application solutions, and strengthen the layout of the energy sector.

Buima group Inc. the net profit after tax for the first three quarters of KY was 87.36 million yuan, an annual increase of 2.98 times, and the net profit per share was 2.43 yuan.