Buima Group Inc. invested in lithium battery to capture the business opportunities of Metaverse, and the group's revenue will double next year


[Financial Express/Reporter Wang Yihong] Buima Inc. (5543) acquired more than 25% of the shares of Zuomo Corporation to enter the lithium battery module market, seize the two-wheeled electric vehicle, energy storage business opportunities, and even use the smart wearable business. Metaverse Mystery, due to the entry of new customers, it is estimated that the lithium battery-related business will grow by 2-3% next year, which will drive Buima Group's revenue to double the growth next year. The company announced on Monday (6th) that its November revenue was 350 million, a monthly increase of 5.9% and an annual increase of 249.3%, setting a new record high and it is expected to continue to rise in December. Since the company merged the Joule Miles(JMS) ‘s performance in September, the group has divided into four major business groups, including "smart wear, energy storage, and lithium battery applications, energy creation infrastructure, and energy-saving building materials", with revenue accounting for 15%, 30%, and 26% and 29%.


We are optimistic about the global cloud demand under the AIoT wave, and the demand for a stable supply of equipment power is increasing. Buima group Inc. established an energy technology team in the second quarter of this year to enter the "energy-creation infrastructure" market from the existing construction and building materials business. And successfully started with the Smart Fishery and Electricity Symbiosis, with both construction and energy management capabilities, and invested in more energy creation and energy storage infrastructure applications.


In terms of "energy-saving building materials", the group has years of foundation in energy-saving metal building materials. In addition to applications in international airports, subway stations, pharmaceutical/medical laboratories, and precision industrial plants, this year it is also equipped with the company’s wall-to-sky installation system patents. Introduced the prefabricated building plan, which not only has mobility convenience but also achieves the carbon reduction goal during the construction process.


Buima Inc. pointed out that Tesla CEO Musk stayed in the BOXABL foldable combination house, setting off a whirlwind of the light housing. The company has obtained a patent for the wall-to-sky quick-installation system, and the main structural parts of the building are prefabricated and shipped. Go to the site and directly carry out the assembly work such as lifting, installation, and connection, subverting traditional buildings, and creating revolutionary products in energy-saving building materials.


It is understood that among Buima Inc’s existing businesses, the “Energy Creation Infrastructure” business group has successfully won the bid for the 1.2 billion Kaohsiung “Ren Wu Anju'' modern social housing project. Enter the micro-grid field and the construction of electric vehicle parking lots; the "energy-saving building materials'' business group grasps the business opportunities of new US infrastructure and wins orders from major US building materials brand manufacturers and the largest home furnishings and building materials retailer in the United States. These two business groups next year, estimating a  double-digit growth next year.


It is worth noting that Buima group Inc. has deepened its energy layout. In addition to the existing construction and building materials field, it has further entered the battery module field by acquiring more than 25% of the shares of JMS Company, and directly attacked the uninterrupted power system (UPS), Data backup battery modules (BBU) and other energy storage system (ESS) application fields, and are taking advantage of the huge business opportunities of smart wearable devices and two-wheeled electric vehicle batteries.


It is understood that JMS’s wearable device battery modules are one of the main businesses, accounting for up to 60% to 70%, of which smartwatches are the bulk, and smart clothes are also produced. According to Gartner's estimates, global sales of smart wearable devices increased by 49% to US$69 billion due to the epidemic last year. It is estimated that by 2024, it will exceed the US$100 billion mark and reach US$109 billion.


JMS has recently obtained an order from the leading American sportswear brand to ship lithium battery modules for sports watches. In response to the outbreak of business opportunities in Yuan Universe, it is actively contacting first-line American customers to enter the AR smart glasses market; Businesses such as two-wheel electric vehicle battery modules, electric scooters, electric forklifts, and data center backup batteries (BBU) all have potential customers.


Investors are optimistic that the growth rate of JMS is expected to rise by 2-3% next year. Since Buima group Inc. has only merged with JMS's performance since September this year, next year will be the first year of recognition for the whole year. It will be synchronized with the group’s four major businesses. With the prospect of double-digit growth, the combined revenue of Buima Inc. Group will have the opportunity to double next year. With a scale of more than 2.7 billion yuan this year, it will exceed 5 billion.