Basic welfare
1. Handle year-end bonus distribution, salary adjustments, and annual surplus employees' dividends based on the company's operating results.
2. Proposal reward system.
3. Food allowance: 1,800 yuan.
4. Labor. Health Insurance and Retirement System: Labor insurance, national health insurance, and retirement fund provision systems that comply with laws and regulations.
5. Health check: Regularly help employees to do basic health check for free.
6. Education and training: new personnel training, professional skills training, internal and external training courses, etc.
7. Vacation system: in accordance with the company system and labor standards law. (Special leave/spouse/parenting/family care/physiological leave, etc.).
8. Vacation system superior to the labor law law: In order to achieve a work-life balance, paid and welfare leave is specially added.

1. The Chinese subsidiary has gourmet and delicious restaurants
2. Friendship Exchange Lounge
3. Coin vending machine for drinks/biscuits/ instant noodles
4. Show off your skills in the basketball court
5. High-quality gym: treadmill / flywheel / exercise bike / heavy training machine / dumbbell.
6. Spacious employee car/motorcycle parking lot
7. Official official vehicle

Employee Welfare Committee
1. Three Festivals/Birthday/Labor Gifts
2. Marriage/funeral/birth allowance/injury and hospitalization allowance.
3. Employee meal subsidy.
4. Organize a number of activities from time to time, including travel subsidies for employees, end-of-a-gum/Mid-autumn party, departmental dinners, etc.